Liberty High School PTSO

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Membership Form 2023-2024

2023-2024 Membership Form & NO-Sale FUNDRAISER

This year the Liberty High School PTSO is trying something new! We are launching a simple, one-time, minimal-effort Fundraiser along with our Annual Membership Drive.  There is nothing to sell or buy.  

We are asking that when you sign up to join the LHS PTSO and become a member, you would please consider donating additionally to our fundraiser drive to help us to do more for school!

Please keep in mind, we are the only booster/club at Liberty that provides for ALL students and entire staff at LHS.

Eligibility for the PTSO SCHOLARSHIP requires Students to be a PTSO member for at least two years, one of which MUST be their SENIOR year.  Students are included in the ‘Family Membership’ but only if their name is listed under Student Information in the membership registration form.  The DEADLINE for SENIORS to join the PTSO is January 31, 2024 in order to be eligible to apply for this year’s scholarship

To learn more about what your ptso does for the school, please see below.

The purpose of the LHS PTSO (Parent, Teacher, Student Organization) is to promote open communication among the administration, teachers, parents and students while reinforcing a positive atmosphere of trust, respect and appreciation of diversity. It will focus on services and solutions to provide support for our students’ educational, social, and recreational needs.

As an independent PTSO, all monies from Membership Dues and Fundraisers collected stays within our organization and is used for our school!

Throughout the school year we traditionally host several appreciation events for both the students and the staff. Rita’s Italian Ice treat during the last week of school for the students, a back-to-school breakfast and a winter celebration luncheon for the entire staff are just a few examples. This past school year we filled the teacher’s lounge with snacks for the all the staff during Teacher Appreciation Week, gifted every staff member a $10 gift card to amazing local businesses, provided a delicious catered lunch from a locally owned restaurant, and supplied drinks and snacks for teachers and administrators participating in graduation ceremonies. In previous years we’ve hosted the only virtual T.I.P.S room to parents of our County! We were grateful to have Liberty’s principal, Superintendent, and other County officials on the panel to help parents learn what signs to look for that could indicate drug use by our children as well as what platforms are available for assistance.

The PTSO is also very proud to annually offer $500 scholarships to qualifying graduating seniors.  Last year we were able to increase the total number of scholarships awarded from three (3) to four (4) due to memberships and fundraising efforts. As mentioned above, in order to be eligible for one of these scholarships, the student must be a PTSO member for two years, one of which being their senior year. If the attending child is included within a Family membership, the attending child must be listed on the membership form at time of sign up. Or the attending child can sign up with the Individual (Teacher/Staff) membership option, under their own name. The deadline for membership for seniors is January 31, 2024, for them to be eligible to apply for the scholarships.

This 2023-2024 school year, your PTSO’s objective is to do much of the same and more, lots more, for the Students and all Staff at our cherished LHS. We are offering to research and fund guest speakers for teachers wanting to enhance a lesson for their classes. Laptop Covers (kind of like a phone case) for school issued laptops, are once again being made available at a discounted price by your PTSO. Thank you, again, to Mr. Goncz for securing a great rate for our students.

We cannot do any of this without your support! The PTSO’s main source of income is our Membership Dues.  And we are hoping to lessen the need for additional fundraisers throughout the year by also hosting the first ever NO-SALE FUNDRAISER alongside our Membership drive.  Join today and Please Consider Donating! – we are depending on you! Keep in mind, we are the only booster/club at Liberty that provides for ALL parents, students and entire staff at LHS.

Let’s not forget the “P” in PTSO is for the Parents. Our organization is the liaison between the parents, students, and the school for anything related to the needs of our children. The forum for communication is our monthly PTSO meetings, held in the LHS Media Center. This year the meetings will be held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7pm. All are welcome!